What are its goals?

Promoted by the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy through the Social Economy Promotion Council, the “Capital of Social Economy” initiative aims to lend visibility and place value on Social Economics as an alternative to a traditional economy that is more focused on individuals and better able to create quality employment.

San Sebastian and Gipuzkoa are backed by a long tradition of Social Economy-related activity. The values that it represents are deeply rooted in our society and economy, as can be seen with cooperation-based projects and companies. These types of proposals are based on open and collaborative formulas rooted in shared work, trust, and cooperation, which strengthen regional connection.

We also have social orientation projects that benefit the care and disability sphere, along with significant public-private collaboration that favours the articulation of a social and economic model that achieves high rates of social cohesion.

In short, we have our own internationally-recognised way of doing business that is perfectly in line with the Social Economy’s principles and values.

Donostia / San Sebastian’s positioning as a major benchmark in the associative business framework with a strategy aimed at responding to future social and economic challenges by attracting knowledge, innovation, and social inclusion, while also promoting Social Economics, have played a key role in its being chosen as the 2023 Spanish capital of Social Economics.

Social Economics capital
programme goals

Encouraging Social Economics as a social and economic alternative

Supporting learning and creating quality employment

Highlighting the role of Social Economics in integrating individuals with disability and disadvantaged groups

Increasing the visibility of Social Economics by presenting relevant experiences

Promoting positioning and debate on Social Economics

Promoting the local dimension of Social Economics and supporting territorial cohesion