2023, Donostia / San Sebastian, Capital of Social Economics.

The naming of Donostia / San Sebastian as the Spanish capital of Social Economics is a major opportunity for our city to push for an economy that is even more fair, inclusive, equitable, participatory, and above all, an economy that puts people at the heart of it all.

Social Economics capital programme goals

Encouraging Social Economics as a social and economic alternative

Supporting learning and creating quality employment

Highlighting the role of Social Economics in integrating individuals with disability and disadvantaged groups

Increasing the visibility of Social Economics by presenting relevant experiences

Promoting discussion and debate on Social Economics

Promoting the local dimension of Social Economics and supporting territorial cohesion

Quality employment, cooperation, integration, territorial cohesion...

the goals of Social Economics.

Promoted by the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy through the Social Economy Promotion Council, the “Capital of Social Economics” initiative aims to lend visibility and place value on Social Economics as an alternative to traditional economics, with more focus on individuals and better ability to create quality employment.