Special employment centres

Special Social Initiative Employment Centres

Special Social Initiative Employment Centres (CEEIS, in Spanish) are considered to be those that have more than 50% direct or indirect shareholding and promotion held by one or various public or private not-for-profit entities, or those whose social nature is stipulated in their articles of incorporation, regardless of whether they are associations, foundations, public law corporations, social initiative cooperatives, or other social economic entities, as well as those whose ownership corresponds to trade companies in which the majority of their social capital is under direct or indirect control of any of the aforementioned entities through the parent company modality regulated by art. 42 of the Commercial Code, as long as their articles of incorporation or social agreements require them to reinvest all of their profits in the creation of employment opportunities for individuals with disability, continued improvement of their competitiveness, and their social economic activities in all cases, always taking into account the ability to opt for profits to be reinvested in their own special employment centre, or other special social initiative employment centres.

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An association of Basque non-profits that encourage social and labour inclusion for individuals with disability

Spanish business federation of special employment centre associations